Bloody Owl RFID Wallet Phone Case - Get Set Style Metro
Bloody Owl RFID Wallet Phone Case - Get Set Style Metro
Bloody Owl RFID Wallet Phone Case - Get Set Style Metro
Bloody Owl RFID Wallet Phone Case - Get Set Style Metro

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Bloody Owl RFID Wallet Phone Case

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WHAT we have seen only in sci-fi movies are becoming a reality these days. Payment using mobile phones is getting common. People can now buy in a store or pay for something without swiping their cards or even taking them out of their wallets. One of the reasons is because their cards are equipped with RFID technology inside.

Somebody says that there is no crime for RFID stealing so why should I bother? Do I really need a wallet with RFID protection? Oh yes! Definitely! It is your wallet, your money and identity at stakes here! For sure, hackers, skimmers and stalkers are already prepared for the rapid growth of available technologies. They will try to get into anyone by any means and skimming is one of the easiest ones to do.

Carry everything you need in one fabulous wallet. Our RFID Wallet Phone Cases are perfect for expressing your passion for creativity while keeping yourself organized with ease. Includes RFID security lining, plus, always be ready with our slide up design giving you quick access to your camera.

★ Environmentally-friendly, animal-safe, leather-like material
★ Peace of mind with RFID protection material built-in
★ Features cash pocket, 3 credit card slots, snap closure and attachable hand strap
★ Over 60 phone models supported

Note: Each wallet is custom created for you after ordering.


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